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Forming a dedicated and harmonious Teaching Team
On Friday afternoon and evening December 16, 2011, Guanghua College management, administration and teachers held a meeting after school and later over dinner to discuss taking the school to greater heights by understanding and meshing the various cultures in the school. As one of the school’s main priorities being “Harmony”, the meeting was seen as a great tool to help overcome any differences and forge closer working relationships and a stronger team.

Dr. Lei kicked off the meeting with a presentation about some known Chinese and Western cultural differences – What are the differences between you and me, I think the world is a circle, you think it’s a line; I search for relationships between things, you focus on salient features; I think I can’t understand the part without understanding the whole, you think you can control events because you know the rules that govern the behaviour of objects, I enjoy surface harmony and you are willing to debate. By knowing and understanding that we are thinking and behave differently, both expatriate and local staff openly exchanged ideas and had constructive discussions regarding how to create the best environment needed for student and school's success. The team seemed enthusiastic and found the open talks to be of great value.

After the meeting at the school, the team traveled together to enjoy a Brazilian buffet style dinner and continue to talk opening and enjoy the fellowship of each other. Many of the group found the evening to be quite productive, seeing a more bright future ahead for Guanghua College.
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