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Becoming an influential public speaker
As we all know, Public Speaking is one of the key skills you need to possess in order to survive and succeed during university and life beyond. Good presentation and communication skills will help you to a great extent to impress admission officers and potential employers. The more profound thoughts you have, the further you can go. A charismatic leader must be a persuasive and effective communicator. More than 85% of a person’s success is determined by his ability to communicate with others and his capability of arousing others’ passion and enthusiasm in other people. Students in Shanghai Guanghua College are aiming to get into elite universities worldwide; acquiring excellent communication and presentation skills will certainly let you stand out and make your application more competitive.

To develop such important skills, Shanghai Guanghua College, Fudan Campus invited Dr. Xie Kuangfei from Fudan University, who has been awarded the first prize for the National College English Speaking Contest four times and the top prize for the College Chinese Speaking contest organized by Fudan university, to deliver a Public Speaking course. Mr. Xie’s extensive knowledge, humorous language, influential voice and passionate speech inspired all his audiences, boosted their self confidence and enhanced their teamwork spirit. Mr. Xie advised all students that you are the master of your destiny, you are the only person who can decide how far you can go and what you are capable of. Never give up until you succeed, practice makes it perfect, everyone can become a distinguished public speaker!

Mr. Xie shows how to improve speaking and presentation skills

A student is presenting in front of the whole classmates

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